George Kypreos is a native of Las Vegas and the Green Valley area.  In twenty-five years of business, his innate ability to inspire progress has left an indelible mark on the community.   As the creative visionary force behind the brand, his penchant for tapping in to raw talent and continually expanding the bounds of service has earned him a position at the apex of the industry.  Having personally closed over 2000 transactions throughout his career, George is presently determined to bolster a team which dominates the Las Vegas market in providing a uniquely informed and exceptional service experience.

Today you will find him increasing market share in partnering with Real Estate’s leading iBuyers in the development of a modern commerce community.  Intrepid technological innovations which place the power of information in your hands have not only enabled us to optimize your time, but endowed us with an immeasurable ocean of analytics that exponentially amplifies our ability to discover for you exactly what you want, exactly when you need it. 

At heart a man of the people, George continues in his spare time inventing in the kitchen as a former professional Chef.  It isn’t at all a stretch to find the correlation between his many talents, as is often stipulated; food is the way to many persons’ hearts, and after all, home is where the heart is.  A genuine love for people is the true soul of our operations, expounding on core family values to propel positive change in the lives’ of many.  Lesley Kypreos; George’s wife, is an integral cornerstone of development at GK Properties.  More than likely, you will find our team welcoming you like family, as the Kypreos’ are widely known to do.