About Us


Where home is where your heart is, buying or selling Real Estate can be one of the more overarching decisions of your life. The seed begins with you and ends in discovery.  As yearly awarded Top Agents in Las Vegas with over 20 years of combined expertise, George Kypreos and the team are determined to provide a uniquely informed and refreshingly simplified path to your housing dreams.   Embracing avant-garde technology, we are enlivened at the opportunity to place the power of information in your hands, optimally allowing us to prioritize your time. Timeless principles of practice with at the very core, a love for life, a love for people, and a love for our great town are the very soul of our operations.  On the broad spectrum we have closed over $625,000,000 in Real Estate of 2500 homes and counting – with a wingspan that includes single-family residences, luxury properties, commercial, and industrial sales and leases.  Numbers aside, it may be fair to surmise that in life, there are rare and few chances to truly fly.  Here at GK Properties, we strive to capture every chance at just that.  En route to your housing dreams, we sincerely hope to win your trust in the opportunity to, if for even a shining moment, fly by your side.  

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